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Smoothie bowls are extremely popular lately. Eating healthy and taking care of your body has become more the norm in today’s fast paced society. Recently my family and I visited several smoothie and juice bars. We tried various smoothie bowls and some interesting drinks. The main ingredient in smoothie bowls is the acai berry. This berry is very high in antioxidants and also contains healthy fatty acids. We decided to go on a hunt to see if we could find the acai berry. We managed to find them in the frozen section at a few health food stores, although we have yet to find them at any of the main grocery stores.  We bought the acai berries twice which has 4 servings in each package but have also used mixed frozen berries to make the same smoothie bowls. They are great for breakfast, lunch or even as a snack. You can add whatever toppings you desire. I made a simple granola to add on top but you can also purchase a ready made one.



acai berry – 1 package

1 banana





unsweetened coconut flakes

sunflower seed butter

agave – drizzle if you would like extra sweetness


In a small blender mix frozen acai berry package and 1 banana together until smooth. Take out of blender and scoop into a bowl. Start to place all the yummy toppings. Take your time so it looks as good as it tastes. Enjoy!


My favourite app to make fun and easy edits is  juxtaposer. I have a few steps on how to make the edits look so cool. Step #1:  (find two pictures that you love) When you are on the app click red mask and then adjust the size of the brush that you are using.. Step #2: Click erase and start shaping the picture. Step #3: Click the button on the top left corner and then press finished.That’s how you make a cool edit.– Elle



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