I started this blog with my two daughter so we could do something together, but slowly they stopped doing posts. I am proud to say my eldest daughter started her own blog on fashion, looking back at history for influence on her site and my youngest daughter and four of her friends started a youtube channel together. I guess the lesson is nothing is wasteful. We all go through a process and keep growing and learning. I have chosen to cook and bake for my family from scratch on a daily basis because I know how harmful processed foods are for your body. I keep reading and learning about new foods everyday and know how important it is to think about what you put into your body. My husband and I both suffer from IBS and lactose intolerance and it seems as though my younger daughter has followed in our footsteps. It is obvious that the foods we buy today are loaded with harmful chemicals and we must try to do the best we can to avoid these as much as possible. My advice is to keep things simple and read labels when buying anything packaged.


XO  Shirley