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DIY Hangers

We were recently in Brandy Melville and were inspired by their hangers wrapped in fabric. It’s a fun way to add personality to your closet. All you need is scraps of fabric cut ino 1/2″ pieces long enough to cover the entire hanger. The length was approx. 1 meter long. We started the hangers by tying a bow at the top and working our way all around the hanger and then finishing with a second bow. To this date me and my sister and mom have covered over 50 hangers. It was a lot a fun and looks amazing.


Tuxedo Nail Art

Nail Art is addictive and a great way to give your outfit a new look. These mini tuxedo nails from Zooey Deschanel are eye catching and easy to do. First you do two coats of white. Let it dry. Next you use a black nail art pen to achieve the tuxedo look. Enjoy!

I Luv Polyvore


I Luv Polyvore by shirlhan featuring long sleeve tops

One of my favourite websites is POLYVORE. You can shop, follow trends and create sets. You can shop by your style or by designer and then create sets with the items you save. It is a really fun website for fashion lovers! Check it out at

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