One of the freshest sauces you can make this time of year is a homemade tomato sauce. Tomatoes have that earthy distinctive sweetness that can add flavour to so many dishes.This recipe is so simple and can be made in 45 minutes including cooking time.

1 medium onion (Vidalia)
1 jar pureed tomatoes or 8 – 10 fresh tomatoes
1 clove garlic minced
1 tsp. oregano
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
1/2 tsp. sugar
a dash of cinnamon


Saute onion with olive oil for 1-2 minutes. Then add garlic and sauté until golden. Add pureed tomatoes, oregano, salt, pepper, sugar and cinnamon. Cook on high until boiling then lower heat and cook for 1/2 – 45 minutes. Add to your favourite pasta with basil and parmesan to garnish.